PROGRESS Biuro Rachunkowe w Puławach

Information tel: +48 81 888 69 98

Our offer

Benefits of working with us:

  • no costs recruitment and employment,
  • no purchase costs connected with office equipment (photocopier, fax, printer, scanner, additional PC),
  • constant information flow,
  • enhancing confidentiality and safety of your financial figures,
  • transfer of risk.

We will approach into your house or office in the area of Puławy and take away all essential documents in order to ensure You more time for conducting the company and concentrate on its strategy.

Contact and availability of bilingual versions of documents ( Polish-English, Polish-Germany).

Accounting & Tax services

Full book-keeping:

  • current book-keeping, in accordance with provisions of the law in force,
  • preparation of records of tangible fixed assets and records of equipment, keeping records of warehouse movements,
  • keeping VAT records,
  • VAT and CIT settlements,
  • monitoring accounts receivable and payable, confirmations of balances with clients and suppliers,
  • preparation of month tax declaration and statistic reports,
  • preparation of year-end documents,
  • preparation economic and financial analysis,
  • participation in audits of financial statements,
  • assistance and participation in inspections made by tax authorities.

Simplified accounting:

  1. Tax card, recorded lump sum:
    • running and storing tax and records documentation required from a tax payer,
    • supervising the deadlines, limits and factors that influence gaining or losing the right to the said type of taxation,
    • keeping the records of fixed assets and inventory,
    • calculating the advance-tax and controlling the accuracy of payments to the tax office.
  2. Revenues and expenditures book:
    • running and storing Revenues and Expenditures Book,
    • correctly recording economic events in revenues book with the division into revenues and revenue costs,
    • keeping fixed assets and inventory books,
    • calculating advance-tax amounts with the consideration of different revenue sources,
    • preparing annual tax forms.
  3. VAT purchases and sales register:
    • running and keeping the register of VAT purchases and sales,
    • continuously verifying issued and received VAT invoices,
    • preparing VAT forms.
  4. Social Insurance of the business entity:
    • reporting, updating, signing off from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS),
    • preparing forms required by the SII (ZUS).

HR & payroll:

  • services related to the start-up of business – registration at the Social Security Office ZUS, National Labour Inspectorate PIP, and at the Sanitary Inspectorate,
  • current processing of employees’ remunerations in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • monthly and annual personal income tax returns,
  • keeping documentation of ZUS settlements and ZUS notifications.

Payroll service:

  • keeping personal files of the employees, in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • preparing employment contracts, appendixes, understandings, terminations, employment certificates, and of other documents related to employment and dismissal,
  • recording holiday leaves, medical check-ups, and Occupational Health and Safety BHP training courses.

„Labour law” consulting


Office services:

  • preparing writing for client,
  • answering telephones on behalf of your company,
  • keeping correspondence records,
  • accepting faxes,
  • e-mail services, photocopying, scanning, printing.

Debt recovery:

  • payment monitoring,
  • preparing dunning letters,
  • preparing interest notes,
  • preparing compensatory documents,
  • amicable execution of payments,
  • preparing instalment systems,
  • helping for executing payments through court proceedings.

Providing monitoring service, we pay particular attention to creating and maintaining positive commercial relations with your clients.

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